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For orchestras it is sometimes hard and expensive to find orchestra material. The network would like to make it easier and cheaper to get orchestra material. Of course the network is bound to comply with copyright rules, so it is not possible to sell or copy all music to each other.

But there are ways to help each other:

Option 1: Music that was written by a composer who died more than 70 years ago is free of copyright, so it can be distributed between the orchestras. It is possible to copy it and send it to another orchestra.

Note that a piece that was written by a composer who died more than 70 years ago, but is published by a sheet music company less than 70 years ago, is still under copyright, so it still is illegal to copy it without the approval of the owner of the copyright, the sheet music company.

Option 2: If you own sheet music, you can lend it to other people, which is part of the ‘normal use’ of sheet music. You cannot make copies, but you can lend the original to another orchestra.

75 out of 128 partner orchestras of ENUO own their own orchestra material and are willing to lend it to another orchestra.

If you are looking for a complete score or just parts for a few instruments, you can ask the partner orchestras of ENUO if they can help you. After you have completed the web form below, an e-mail with your request will be sent to all the librarians of the partner orchestras. They can answer your request and help you by lending you a copy of their sheet music or copying it (if the composer died more than 70 years ago and it is published more than 70 years ago).

To avoid misunderstandings about the lending of the orchestra material, you can make an agreement between the two orchestras with all the conditions of the exchange of the sheet music in it. To make it easy for you, we created a standard document for you, but of course you can adjust it to your own wishes.

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