Your orchestra on tour: How can we help you?

A tour is a great way to share your music with others, increase your orchestra's visibility, and have a fun trip together.  However, organizing a tour is not always easy, especially when traveling abroad.  You may not always know where to look for the necessary information, and there could be the added challenge of a language barrier.  ENUO would like to help your orchestra with the planning process.

On the ENUO website, you can find the contact information for more than 128 orchestras from 16 European countries.  Many member orchestras have touring experience.  These orchestras can be a valuable resource.  Consider contacting a member orchestra in a region you are interested in touring for advice in locating a potential venue, borrowing instruments and additional equipment, and learning more about publicity opportunities.

Below is a checklist of important things to consider when organizing a tour:

  • Decide approximately when you would like to go on tour
  • Decide where you would like to travel
  • Contact the member orchestra in the city/cities where you are planning to go on tour      about possible performance and housing venues
  • Make a budget
  • Find sponsors
  • Arrange equipment (large instruments, music stands, microphones, etc.)
  • Decide how you will sell tickets for the concerts.  You could also ask a member orchestra for help.
  • PR tips: Make a list of useful media outlets (newspapers, radio stations, websites, etc.) that might be interested in your concerts.  You could also ask the local university in the city where you will be touring to post your event on their calendar and/or list your concert on their website.
  • List your events on the ENUO calendar