Become a Member Orchestra

If you meet the requirements, you are very welcome to fill in the form below for your orchestra. 

We will then go through your application and decide if you are eligble to join our network. 

In case your orchestra gets approved, we will inform you about this and put your orchestra name, website,  and email address; university name and link on our website together with a picture of your orchestra to represent your country and city in our network.

The rest of the information retrieved via the application will only be stored in our database. The email address(es) of your permanent conductor(s) can be used to contact the artistic brain(s) of your orchestra in case of upcoming ENUO-projects. The email address of your librarian can be used in case of sheet music requests from ENUO-member orchestras. 

Good luck and don't hesitate to contact us via in case you have any questions! 

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