European Network of University Orchestras

The European Network of University Orchestras (ENUO)

We help to connect university orchestras and their members throughout Europe resulting in a current network of 132 orchestras from 16 different countries within the European Union.

Orchestra of the month

The Technical University Orchestra of Vienna was founded in 1984, and as such is Vienna’s oldest university orchestra and one of the oldest university orchestras of Austria. Ever since, the orchestra comprises students, professors and others who enjoy making music together. During each semester, a major symphonic program is rehearsed, and several concerts are performed towards the end of each term.

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TU Wien

Chamber Music Initiative

Do you want to travel around Europe and share your passion with other chamber music lovers in our network?

Launched in the Autumn of 2019, we have decided to offer this opportunity all year round and connect member orchestras whenever we get applications in!

Turning the already established network into an active platform allows you, the students of the member orchestras, to evolve in your already gained chamber music skills, but also interact with equally passionate fellow musicians.

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Dortmund Uppsala 2024

Chamber Music Initiative Dortmund-Uppsala, May 2024. Photo: Rebecca Måwe


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