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ENUO Chamber Music Initiative

Maybe some of you have already participated in ensembles within your university. But would it not be fun to also play chamber music with musicians from other universities in different countries? The ENUO would like to help our members to find new musical friends and to create new chamber ensembles all over Europe. Therefore, we are presenting the ENUO Chamber Music Initiative.

Become a member

Many of us enjoy playing chamber music. What a wonderful, enriching and illuminating way of communication between people it is!

If are you interested in performing chamber music across borders, in traveling, meeting new people and having fun as Musiciens sans Frontières: read up on the concept below and fill in the form (one per participating member of the orchestra).

This concept will be available all year round to allow the flexibility that is needed for you as a participating orchestra on financial, artistic and logistic grounds.

Five members of the Chamber Music initiative standing in a room full av old portraits at Uppsala University holding their instruments

The concept

The ENUO is ready to take its purpose to connect university orchestras all over Europe to the next level by its first Chamber Music Initiative. Launched in the Autumn of 2019, we have decided to offer this opportunity all year round and connect member orchestras whenever we get applications in! Turning the already established network into an active platform allows you, the students of the member orchestras, to evolve in your already gained chamber music skills, but also interact with equally passionate fellow musicians.

Practically, 2-3 musicians of two member orchestras will be brought together in an ensemble spending a couple of days in the country of each member orchestra where practising the chamber music pieces will be central and all hard work will come together in a concert.

How to announce your interest

Each member orchestra can put forward 2-3 musicians that are currently active in the respective orchestra. This means that a pre-selection of musicians already occurs at the level of the orchestra and the ENUO suggests the conductor to be involved in this closely since the chosen ones will be the representatives of both the orchestra and partnered university. For the official announcement the form below needs to be filled in.

What about the budget

The ENUO suggests that each ensemble decides for itself. Here is an example of what might be a fair way to share the costs: A string quintet including three members from Leuven and two from Strasbourg want to perform Mozart and Brahms. The Leuveners travel to Strasbourg for rehearsals and concerts and then they all travel to Leuven for the same purpose. Strasbourg pays for their two musicians´ flight, or train tickets and Leuven does the same for their three. But the accommodation and most of the meals are payed by the host (Strasbourg for Leuven and vice versa). Possible rental fees for concert halls (etc.) are covered by the host.

What will be the role of the ENUO

First of all, the ENUO will not give any financial support to the respective orchestras involved, but will take on the role as mediator. Meaning, a panel at the ENUO will suggest which orchestras will be connected in an ensemble based on the instruments of the musicians, the level of experience in chamber music, the tour history of the orchestra and the common holidays in the Autumn. It is of course difficult to know the artistic level of everyone who wants to participate in the ENUO Chamber Music Initiative. But it is not up to ENUO to decide who among the applicants is skilled enough to participate. We just want to create this platform for our members to invite their musicians to come together and play chamber music. The ENUO won’t demand an audition (like a short youtube clip or a recording from a concert) or a recommendation (from the music director of your university orchestra or your teacher). However we do recommend that you send something (video, recording or/and recommendation) which show your skill as an instrumentalist. The ENUO suggests to choose repertoire originating from your own country that can be supplemented with work from the great composers e.g.Beethoven, Schubert and Haydn. The ENUO will of course keep close contact to all ensembles to make sure the organisation and collaboration runs smoothly. At the end of the ENUO Chamber Music Initiative a questionnaire will be distributed among all parties involved to evaluate and share their experience with the project team of the ENUO.

Application form for the participants

Now you have read all information provided by us and you have cleared with your conductor/orchestra that you will be representing both your orchestra and university during this first ENUO Chamber Music Initiative. For us to know all important details of your musical history and current situation we need you to fill in the form below. All your personal information will be handled according to the GDPR. Of course you can reach the ENUO-team via in case you have any questions.


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