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Orchestra organization

  • To organize your orchestra more efficiently, appoint a leader for every instrument section. The leader of a section will be responsible for the rehearsals, sheet music, attendance, etc. of his or her section.
  • Finding sheet music will be a lot easier if you use the ENUO website. For more information, and to e-mail all the librarians of the partner orchestras, go to Orchestra Material.
  • Touring will be a lot simpler with help from locals: ask the partner orchestra of the city you want to go to, to help you with organizing the tour. You can even try to make an exchange project involving both your orchestras. For more information go to Touring.


Of course it is important for your orchestra to have enough money to rehearse and organize concerts, which is why you can ask organizations or people to sponsor you.

  • If you want to ask people to sponsor your orchestra, the most important thing is to think about what you can offer them. Think about this before you ask sponsors to give you money.
  • Things you can offer sponsors are: logo or ad of their business on posters, flyers and other PR of your concert, logo or ad on your website, tickets for your concerts, a private concert from a small group of orchestra members and a target group of orchestra members and all the audience of your concerts.
  • Possible sponsors: local businesses, cultural organizations or even pubs and restaurants.

PR and marketing

How do you sell a lot of tickets for the concerts of your orchestra? How can you get attention for your event?

  • You can print posters and flyers and spread them within your university or even the whole city.
  • Have everyone in your orchestra sell at least 5 or 10 tickets to friends and family.
  • Offer a prize for the person in your orchestra that sells the most tickets, this way the orchestra members will be extra motivated.
  • Put your concert as an event on Facebook and have all the orchestra members invite their friends.
  • Put your events in the ENUO calendar.
  • If you have a concert or event in which you are collaborating with another partner orchestra, you can get a news item on the website or in the newsletter of ENUO.


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