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To meet new people and to learn the culture of the country you are studying in, you can join the local university orchestra. On our website you can find the contact details of all the partner orchestras of the ENUO.

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"Music is life, and like it, inextinguishable" - Carl Nielsen

According to the European Commission regading studying abroad: “Many studies show that a period spent abroad not only enriches students' lives in the academic and professional fields, but can also improve language learning, intercultural skills, self-reliance and self-awareness. Their experiences give students a better sense of what it means to be a European citizen. In addition, many employers highly value such a period abroad, which increases the students' employability and job prospects.”

You may be adjusting to a new culture and looking for ways to make new friends when studying abroad, but also want to continue playing in an orchestra like in your home university's orchestra. By joining your exchange university’s orchestra, you will meet many new people with the common interest of music as well as people already familiar with the city where you are studying. The orchestra is a great way to be active in the local student life, meet interesting people, and have a positive experience abroad.

Find an orchestra among our members

If you are not yet sure where you would like to go, get inspired by looking at the list of European universities with a symphony orchestra and choose one with an orchestra that appeals to you.

If you want to join a partner orchestra, send them an e-mail and ask for more information.

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The ENUO serves the purpose of informing you about our upcoming events, future projects and our members. Stay tuned via our website and like ENUO's Facebook page.

If your exchange is too short or too intens for you to commit playing in an orchestra, go and see your new university's orchestra and expose yourself to the cultural and musical concerts they will bring. Curious to find out, which events fit your schedule? Check out our calendar and bring your friends!

Additional information

The European Commission has the Erasmus+ for higher education programme. ERASMUS+ is the EU's flagship education and training programme enabling 200 000 students to study and work abroad each year. In addition, it funds co-operations between higher education institutions across Europe. If you want to go abroad with an Erasmus scholarship, ask your home university about the possibilities.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation. It offers help in the academic, social and practical integration process. This is mainly done through activities in the local sections, which include cultural and social events such as trips to various places within the country, film nights, buddy group and language projects and international food fests and last, but not least, parties. In addition, many sections have introduced mentor systems, which help the international students mainly in academic and practical integration. So check out the ESN website to see if they have a section in the city you are going to.



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