European Network of University Orchestras

Benefits for ENUO members

Being a member of ENUO has many benefits for your orchestra, your members, and your university:

Benefits for Orchestras in the Network:

  • Increased visibility
  • Facility of exchanging information with other orchestras
  • Easier collaboration for future projects
  • Opportunity to attract more international students to your orchestra
  • Information, inspiration, and tips from colleagues throughout Europe

Benefits for Students:

  • Improved accessibility to member orchestras in ENUO
  • The possibility to establish connections with members from orchestras across Europe
  • A built-in social network when you go on exchange to a different university
  • Increased opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue

Benefits for Universities Associated with ENUO:

  • Increased visibility of your university and its cultural activities;
  • Facilitate communication concerning musical events between universities throughout Europe
  • An additional channel to help attract exchange students


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